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While celebrity publicists contact to promote their client’s local appearances, we don’t want to miss anyone in your area…We encourage YOUR posting of local celebrity activity.

Local media and business professionals…  radio hosts, newspaper people, celebrity publicists, entertainment reporters, hoteliers, restauranteurs, etc  … are encouraged to post info on who-is-in/or coming-to town.  To do so frequently can mean our celebrity connection service gratis to you (see connect with celebrities page)

The public is encouraged to do the same (see Post It VIP below)

Send us an email at or contact us on W3Schools or W3Schools


Become a Post It VIP

We award prizes for those of you who are regular contributors to “Post It Page.”

Contribute verifiable info to the site at least five times per month and will make you a “Post It VIP.”

Post It VIPS will be contacted to recieve celebrity books, movie passes, autographed photos, concert tix, etc.

Note:  Please post only positive and non-invasive info, as this site is designed for both the public and publicists.

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