Who uses CelebritiesInTown.com?

Newspapers, magazines and talk shows use us to contact guests, for stories and appearances


Agents, managers and publicists use us to promote their celebrities’ national/local projects and local appearances. CelebritiesInTown.com is a great venue for their clients to promote book-signings, celebrity charity events, movie premiers, concert performances, etc.


Local businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, use us to offer celebrities great deals and comps in exchange for their coveted patronage


Radio hosts, who aim to “keep it local,”  want to connect with celebrities while they are in the area, and inform listeners on what’s happening celebrity-wise around town


Charity organizations who want to invite celebrities to headline their event


Celebrities who want to take advantage of VIP offers from local hotels and restaurants or to fill-in for local radio shows, throw-out first pitch at major-league ball games, etc.


Private Citizens (with money to spare) who want to hire a celebrity to attend their bash


Fans who want to know when their favorite celebrities are in town for a book-signing, comedy gig, music or theatrical performance, or appearance of any kind.

If any of the above describes you or your company please contact us for more information at Art@CelebritiesInTown.com or 203-524-0725.

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